Hey, Pierce Crosby here. One time Jeff Goldfarb asked me to write about unicorns. Subscribe to my latest updates here.

New York-based finance and television journalist from Northern California, working in startup media development.  Previously, I worked with the team at Reuters Breakingviews – the financial column of Thomson Reuters. I received an M.S. in Broadcast and Data Journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and dualing undergraduate degrees in Politics and Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Previously I’ve been an on air talent, an executive producer, an equity analyst, a researcher, and a media consultant for a couple RIAs.

When not in the Park Ave office, I like the Zach Feuer and Danese Galleries, Ace Hotel, Berkli Parc, Forgetmenot, and The Apartment. For browsing surfline for the latest reports I look at Long Island, NY.

This website is devoted to things beyond my resume, but for a more concrete resume you can go here. For tips, reach me here: handle, or: pierce at piercecrosby dot com.